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44 Healthy Foods Under $1

Stroll smart down the grocery aisle and choose feel-good foods that are great for the body and even better for our budget. Here's our list of 44 tasty, healthy foods, all for under a buck.

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Sandie couldn't wait to get her next fix. She would wake up with cravings and search her hiding spots when she felt low — in her kitchen, her car, her desk at school.

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Organic vs. Non-Organic Produce

Is there a difference between buying organic and non-organic produce? How many times have you stared at organic apples and regular apples and wondered what the difference was?

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You Can't Out-Exercise An Unhealthy Diet

The truth is, flat abs are made in the kitchen, and no amount of cardio and crunches can sculpt a sleek physique if you maintain an unhealthy diet.

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Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These tasty chocolate morsels will delight your taste buds! No one will even guess they’re healthy, let alone flourless, gluten free & vegan!

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Butternut Squash
Mac & Cheese

one serving of this creamy, butter-nutty dish will meet your daily vitamin A needs. It’s high in protein, great for vegetarians and kid-approved.

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10 Foods That
Fight Inflammation

There are drugs that help fight inflammation, but did you know there are foods that fight inflammation? Here’s a list of 10 foods that help decrease inflammation in the body.

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Without Sugar

Trust us, you haven't tried most of these. Let’s be real: Most of us have a sweet tooth, and if we had our way, sugary treats would be a food group unto themselves.

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Sweet Treats: Light Chocolate Desserts

Of all the treats out there, chocolate takes the cake. Treat yourself to these decadent desserts with the health benefits of cacao, without the heavy calories. — Recipes by Sarah Copeland

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drink water

“6 Reasons Drinking Water Helps Solve Any Problem.” by Elizabeth Goodman Artis - SHAPE.COM — Drink up to slim down, boost brainpower, get rich & more.

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Guilt Free Snacks!

“Feel Good Foods: Top 5 Guilt Free Snack Foods!” by Stephan Cabral — First off, are you the type of person who should be snacking
between meals?

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Brain on Fructose

“Fructose May Affect Hunger Cues”by Brenda Goodman, MA — WebMD Health News — All sugars are not created equal, at least when it comes to the brain...

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Pre-Workout Smoothies

“Try these smoothies 30-60 minutes before a workout.” A liquid snack before hitting the gym can provide the body the fuel it needs to gain muscle and burn fat.

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“Six Strategies For Sane Eating Habits” by Holly Aglialoro — Common sense tells us that paying attention to what we eat helps us make beneficial food choices.

sugars and desserts

White Bean & Artichoke Salad

Healthy recipe that is easy to prepare in advance, cover & chill for several hours before serving.
Serves 8.