Customized Fitness Plan

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Did you know that many of the body's physiological systems (e.g., the muscular system) adapt to an exercise program within approximately six to eight weeks? If you do not modify your exercise routine, you’ll reach a plateau because your body has adapted to the repetitive training stimulus. In other words, you may be working as hard as you did during the first few weeks of your program, but you’re no longer seeing any results. This is very common and luckily, there is an easy fix.

I will create a new 6-week program that will reset your metabolism, shock your muscles into further development and help you progress to reach your ultimate fitness goals.

How it works

  • • I meet with you in person and review your current workout schedule, routine and goals.
  • • I develop a new 6-week plan that addresses your strengths, weaknesses and overall fitness goals.
  • • We reconnect weekly to evaluate your progress and make any needed adjustments
  • • We meet again at the end of the 6-week period for a final analysis.

Rates: See Pricing page.