Group Fitness Classes

TRX low row

TRX Suspension Training

A fast, effective total body workout where you control the difficulty. Increase your metabolism. Burn more fat. Tighten your core.

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& more

Low-impact workout combining yoga, pilates & ballet. Small, muscle isolation exercises will increase your strength, flexibility & reshape your body.

Personal Fitness Plan

Interval training

A form of high intensity interval training. Includes warm-up, eight rounds of 20-30 seconds of work with 10 second rest periods. Tabata offers more benefits than traditional cardio exercise and is extremely efficient.

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sculpt & shred

Looking for something new to rev up your metabolism and cure your boredom? This class includes cardio, strength and core all rolled into one workout, giving you the ultimate endurance and fat loss routine. If you’ve reached a plateau with your weight loss or strength gain goals, this is the class for you!

Small Group Training

Butts & Guts

An entire class dedicated to sculpting and toning your glutes, thighs and core. A variety of equipment and techniques are used to strengthen each muscle group while burning fat to mazimize results.

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Boot Camp

A circuit-style class held outdoors geared to enhance muscle strength and burn calories. Intervals of cardio drills are combined with muscle-conditioning exercises to burn from 400 to 600 calories per workout.