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Client of the Month – April 2017


Occupation: Mom, Wife, Lunch Lady at RES
Hometown: Rockport, MA

Favorite Engel Fitness Workout: All of them, they are never the same and I’m never bored!
Personal Fitness Goal: To be strong, fit and healthy!
Biggest accomplishment to date: Making it to class by 5:30am every MWF!
Favorite reason for coming to class:
My workout is done and I’m home drinking my coffee before my kids get up!

How has it changed you physically and/or mentally:
It’s made me stronger!

Motivating words to anyone thinking about trying the class:
You’ll never be bored, you’ll always laugh and you’ll make great friends!

Client of the Month – January 2017

Laurel Wheeler

Nickname: Mom
Occupation: Preschool Teacher
Hometown: Rockport, MA

Favorite Engel Fitness Workout: Circuit Station Workout
Personal Fitness Goal: To maintain my current muscle mass and weight loss
Biggest accomplishment to date: Surviving and conquering the past year.
Favorite reason for coming to class: The company – it’s a funny, great group of ladies!

How has it changed you physically and/or mentally:
I have not been in as good a shape since before I had kids, which is a huge confidence builder and very motivating!

Motivating words to anyone thinking about trying the class:
Get over the fact that it’s “early” In the morning. There are still four other days in the week to sleep in. It’s always a great workout that can be scaled to your fitness level and the company can’t be beat!

Get Your Slam On!

Happy New Year!  How are those resolutions coming along?  My journey continues into the new year and while I continue to struggle with food choices I’ve really been good about getting some awesome workouts in.  I was in one of the many classes that my trainer, Chris, teaches and she introduced us to medicine ball slamming.  This is my new favorite workout!  Watch…………

MedicineBallsThe medicine balls we use are designed for slamming and as you can see in the short video, they bounce.  They come in a variety of weight options but the one I’m using is 18 lbs.  I’m sure you can imagine the intense workout this gives you from both a cardiovascular as well as a muscle conditioning standpoint.  I felt it right away in my shoulders and abs.  In addition, ball slamming also works your triceps, quads, glutes, calves and back.  The bonus feature to this workout is that it relieves so much stress!!!  If you get the chance …. go GET YOUR SLAM ON!!!


Meet Me at the Barre

I woke before the alarm this morning.  I use the term “woke” loosely as in order to wake one must have been asleep and sleep is elusive.  Why?  Who knows, it’s just not part of the plan these days.  I hurt and I mean everywhere.  Its not a complaint but rather, a fact.  I just hurt everywhere and I wonder how I’ll get out of bed this morning.  Yesterday was day one in the weight room.  My daily workouts have consisted of classes–TRX, Tabata, Muscle Conditioning, Butts and Guts and on the off days cardio–Intervals, StairMaster, Rowing, Bike.  I hate cardio.  The only people who don’t hate cardio are runners and I’m NOT a runner.  I think I’ve squeezed about as much muscle definition as I can out of the classes so it’s time to change it up again.  I discussed this with my trainer, Chris Engel, and, of course, she’s got a plan for me. Back into the weight room we go.


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Back In The Saddle


I was away for a few days and prior to leaving I had made the executive decision to leave my diet and exercise at home and resume when I got back. While I wouldn’t label my eating habits while I was away as “healthy”, it wasn’t a total nightmare either. I had the kids with me so we were on the go every minute of every day and meal planning just couldn’t be part of the equation. There were burgers, pizza, sandwiches and OH YES, ice cream made an appearance and…..uhhhh….a rapid disappearance as it were. Yum!!! A great time was had by all and I have no guilt but it’s back in the saddle again!!


My day started with a 5am Tabata class. Tabata Interval training was developed by Japanese doctor, Dr. Izumi Tabata. This type of training in it’s pure form includes intervals of high intensity exercise of a 20 second duration followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. This form of exercise is said to be one of the most powerful ways to burn body fat quickly. Just what I need!!

I didn’t get to bed last night much before 12:30am so getting up at 4:30am was not really my idea of a good time but I knew that I’d feel better after working out so I dragged myself out of bed and got right to it. The class was packed. This was just what I needed after my mini hiatus from the healthy scene. The version of Tabata that we practice with Chris is based on the principals of Dr. Tabata’s pure form in that it is high intensity interval training followed by short periods of rest, however Chris’s class is an hour long and may or may not involve weights. It’s great for a metabolism boost and I highly recommend it.

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KickAss Bootcamp!

It’s Monday morning and the weekend activities had me exhausted so I promptly hit the snooze button when the alarm went off. My mind would not let me indulge in those last 5 minutes. I opened one eye and peered out the window–overcast and a little wet. Bootcamp is waiting and I did have fried dough at Fiesta…. hmmmm, I only worked out one day over the weekend….. I’ll feel better if I go…..hmmmm. Oh CRAP!! It’s 5:55am! I sprang out of bed into my shorts and a tank and off I went, water and towel in hand.

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Does My Butt Look Fat?

flip flopsSummer arrived on my doorstep regardless of how ready my body was to receive it. I suppose I’m being hard on myself but this transformation bit is taking far too long. I’m not defeated, I’m not giving up, just a moment of frustration is all. I have to concentrate on the achievements– I have gone down more than a size and I did lose 10+ pounds and gained some pretty solid muscle in the process. The best part? People have noticed and they’ve told me so. All in all, I should be proud of myself, right? Well it’s not good enough. There’s still a bit too much junk in my trunk. I said I’d lose 20 pounds and I’ll lose that last 10 if it’s the last thing I do! I’ve got to stay focused. Eye on the prize!!

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Taking It All Off, Hardcore Edition

I am not a big fan of the winter. I detest cold weather. Honestly, the only thing good about the colder months is the food. I love to cook and baking is just so satisfying in so many different ways. It makes your house smell good, it makes people feel warm and cozy and the pleasure it brings to the palate goes without saying. The fall harvest is always a good jumping off point–apples are in season and they give rise to all manner of apple-crispy-cobbler-type concoctions. Oh so yummy when it’s warm out of the oven with the all important vanilla ice cream on top. Let us not forget the pies and cakes and muffins–all warm from the oven, all dressed with the requisite sweet, creamy something on top. Oh Lord, my mouth is just watering at the thought.

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