Monthly Archives: February 2017

Client of the Month – January 2017

Laurel Wheeler

Nickname: Mom
Occupation: Preschool Teacher
Hometown: Rockport, MA

Favorite Engel Fitness Workout: Circuit Station Workout
Personal Fitness Goal: To maintain my current muscle mass and weight loss
Biggest accomplishment to date: Surviving and conquering the past year.
Favorite reason for coming to class: The company – it’s a funny, great group of ladies!

How has it changed you physically and/or mentally:
I have not been in as good a shape since before I had kids, which is a huge confidence builder and very motivating!

Motivating words to anyone thinking about trying the class:
Get over the fact that it’s “early” In the morning. There are still four other days in the week to sleep in. It’s always a great workout that can be scaled to your fitness level and the company can’t be beat!