Monthly Archives: November 2013

Meet Me at the Barre

I woke before the alarm this morning.  I use the term “woke” loosely as in order to wake one must have been asleep and sleep is elusive.  Why?  Who knows, it’s just not part of the plan these days.  I hurt and I mean everywhere.  Its not a complaint but rather, a fact.  I just hurt everywhere and I wonder how I’ll get out of bed this morning.  Yesterday was day one in the weight room.  My daily workouts have consisted of classes–TRX, Tabata, Muscle Conditioning, Butts and Guts and on the off days cardio–Intervals, StairMaster, Rowing, Bike.  I hate cardio.  The only people who don’t hate cardio are runners and I’m NOT a runner.  I think I’ve squeezed about as much muscle definition as I can out of the classes so it’s time to change it up again.  I discussed this with my trainer, Chris Engel, and, of course, she’s got a plan for me. Back into the weight room we go.


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