Monthly Archives: July 2013

Butts & Bikinis – Getting My Game On!

It’s been a long time coming, or it seems that way anyway, but it’s here. The air is fresh with flowery scents, the birds sing their sweet spring songs and the sun shines high and warm. Apollo has not forsaken us. The ground softens under his spell and the winds turn warm. As we are lured from hybernation we emerge with faces turned up, eyes closed to the brightness, arms outstretched to welcome the gift of sunbeams. The warmth relaxes the winter stresses and they spill out of every pore. Breath…..

Are you ready to walk with me? As the sun rises higher so does the heat of Apollos gift…. It gets hotter and hotter. Come with me, walk with me along the shore. A crisp, cool dip in the ocean would be so refreshing……..

Nice dream folks but that’s where it ends. Ugh, I’ve got to put a bathing suit on this body? I’ve packed on a fresh 20 soooooooooo Oh HELL no! There’s no better way to start today than a good ‘ole ass kickin’!

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